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2021-15 Weekly Report

This is the weekly report for AOS, range from 2021-04-12 to 2021-04-16.



This week we started design review.

And we pre-released: v0.2.0.

In this pre-release we:

  • add create task dialog in ui #40
  • refactor into grpc services #51



This week we fixed code generation by Increase stablility of generated code (#526)

And add UnimplementedStub to have forward compatible implementations #524, in which we introduced a breaking change by UnimplementedStub.

So we will make sure all service implement it after we realease go-storage v3.5.0 in next weeks. Roadmap

Create API Support#

We implement Create API for all services:

New release go-service-s3#

This week we released: v1.1.0

In this release we:


Working with pingcap/dumpling#

pingcap/dumpling is a fast, easy-to-use tool written by Go for dumping data from the database(MySQL, TiDB...) to local/cloud(S3, GCP...) in multifarious formats(SQL, CSV...).

dumpling's community has approved the proposal: Use aos-dev/go-storage to replace storage.ExternalStorage at 04/15's meeting

To meet the needs of dumpling's community, we will be focusing on the following:

Working with QingStor/qsftpd#

QingStor/qsftpd is a FTP server that persists all data to QingStor Object Storage.

It will adopt go-storage and transfer to AOS org.

New hands#

Welcome new hands on board!

2021-11 Weekly Report

This is the weekly report for AOS, range from 2021-03-15 to 2021-03-21.



This week we implemented the data flow related logic and next week we plan to implement the upper level business logic so that users can create and run a migration task.



This week we released: v3.4.2

In this release we implement multipart related fields like:

  • MultipartNumberMaximum
  • MultipartSizeMaximum
  • MultipartSizeMinimum

So we can get service restrictions on multipart.


We set up following sites:

We had a meeting of roadmap of 2021 Q2, slides: